Anuhar Foundation

We at Anuhar Homes understand that 'what we get depends on what we give'. It's not just in business but about the whole ecosystem of our communities that this rule applies. As part of giving back to the world to what we all get, Anuhar strives to be socially responsible and active in helping the community around. A part of all of our procedures from Our Projects is earmarked for supporting orphanages and other less privileged children.

More importantly Anuhar Homes believes every one of us should be part of such social initiatives but just need that extra time and focus. Hence for every project of Anuhar Homes, we have programs designed around the project community to help them channel their efforts and resources for making a small contribution to a social cause.

To more know about what our community care programs are? or if you have an idea that makes a difference to the world around us in any small way, do share it with us on +91 9100 00 21 23.